L2C’S SPECIALIZED CONSULTANTS work in the construction engineering field. Throughout projects and advanced training, our associates built themselves a solid expertise in structure and construction management. This knowledge is diverse and includes the residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional fields.
Our team can take charge of the plan design and quote, cost of work estimation, call for tenders, and construction that include new construction, addition, rehabilitation, or changes in the use of a building.
L2C’S SPECIALIZED CONSULTANTS offer engineering services in the following fields
Multiple Floor Wood Framework

The use of wood in construction encourages sustainable development and allows the use of local materials, hence adding to our social contribution. The L2C team is recognized by the Cecobois agency for its expertise in building construction with light wood frames on 6 floors and engineered wood on 12 floors.

Steel and Light Steel Framework

Not only are they lightweight but steel frameworks have an impressive reach of range and can be quickly assembled. Our team at L2C masters the elegance of this material when working on residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Concrete Framework and
Insulated Formwork

Concrete structures like condo towers increase the density of population and allow the centralization of public facilities. The concrete insulated formwork’s thermal mass allows the construction of high energy-efficient structures. L2C’s team possesses a solid experience in design optimization of reinforcement and formwork for this type of structure.

Stone Framework

Stone is a noble material that offers an impressive resistance to fire. Although prepared to design buildings in load-bearing masonry, the L2C team is more often than not sought to make structural improvements on heritage buildings with stone which will allow the building to keep its original state in case of an earthquake.

Use of Unconventional Material

The structural engineer should know about structural hybridization. To answer our client’s needs, our ground-breaking team uses technologies such as composite reinforcements, polymer reinforcements, and even structural glass.

Temporary Shoring and Lifting Procedure

Certain tasks like shoring and lifting are inherent to every existing or new project. From foundation underpinning to masonry FRACO type scaffolding, we can assist our partners in every step of the construction of a project.

Specialized Training in Structural Behaviour

Linear and non-linear dynamic analysis go further than just parasismic use. Amongst other utilities, non-linear analysis allows L2C’s engineers to validate a structure’s frequencies to ensure comfort to the occupants of a building during vibrations.

Building Optimization Studies

Our team’s technical strength and its deep knowledge of the different codes and norms in place allow us to make optimal use of every material and type of constructions. Results consist in a decrease of construction costs and timeframe.

Expert Witness in Structure

Our firm’s associates have expert witness experience in building structure litigation. Our expertise serves as help and support to legal consultants in construction law.

3D Modelling

Each of our technicians masters this innovative software. This computer-aided design (CAD) software allows a more efficient coordination between the industry’s professionals and ultimate understanding of the project. Also, it indicates the exact amount of material used on a project.